The Bubby Behind the Boutique

Welcome to Bubby Boutique, we're so glad you've stopped by!
If you're here - you must be interested in how our cute boutique came about, so we'll fill you in!
It all started when Carlo, a DJ and Events Co-Ordinator and Tayla a Marketing and Office Manager found out they were having a baby. The nesting phase came all too quickly, and before they knew it, their house was overrun with baby clothes and accessories. 
Tayla and Carlo - Owners of Bubby Boutique
"How much fun would this be as a job?!" Tayla thought, as Carlo came to terms with the fact that Tayla wouldn't be slowing down her shopping for their little girl any time soon...
And then - AN IDEA - "What if this was your job?" Carlo asked, and thus the idea of Bubby Boutique was born. 
On the 14th of May 2020, precious Mila was born, and she has been a very reliable model and tester for Bubby Boutique ever since! So take comfort in the fact that you'll never buy anything that Mila wouldn't approve - haha!
Tayla, Carlo and Mila also wanted Bubby Boutique to play a part in helping the community. As Mila was born at Monash, and many of their friends and family have ties to the Monash Children's Hospital, they decided that Bubby Boutique would sponsor the Dandelion Wishes Foundation. The Dandelion Wishes Foundation (DWF) is a major supporter of the Monash Children's Hospital, and is working hard to ensure the hospital has the funding required to make it a world leading paediatric facility, $1 from every item sold at Bubby Boutique goes directly to DWF, so buying for your bubby here, helps DWF get other bubbies the help that they need. 
Thank you so much for your support, 
From Carlo, Tayla and Mila. xo